Cakes for a Cause 

In early 2005, I started a charitable bakery called Cakes for a Cause.  The concept is super simple:   You ask me for a cake. I make it.  You write a cheque to one of two of our charities currently Monaco Aide et Presence or The Nepal Youth Foundation.  ALL of the revenue goes to the charity, not just the profit.

Mostly I create celebration cakes but I have  also made  many boxes of chocolate chip cookies for homesick expats in Monaco.



A Big Bake Table at the Annual Great Glebe Garage Sale

In the last Saturday in May for the past 24 years, our neighbourhood in Canada hosts the gigantic Great Glebe Garage Sale (GGGS).  It's one of my favourite days of the year.

Thousands of homes participate by putting out junk for sale, the goal of it all is to raise funds to support the local Food Bank.  

Tens of thousands of bargain hunters arrive throughout the day, some of them by tour bus and thank goodness they have an appetite. 

Every year for as long as I can remember, I've baked my heart out to create a  huge bake table.  I love that now I have regular customers who come back year after year.  It's a great way to reconnect after being away for so many months.

My friend Hazel and my sister Patty and niece, Nora, all lend a hand to help me slice cakes, hand out cookies and chat with the hundreds of people who stop by for a treat.

All of the money we make goes to one of our favourite charities, the Nepal Youth Foundation.  Last year we raised $1,200.

I've been creating the bake table for so long now that it's become a tradition with my friends and family who generously help me every year whether they want to or not! 


blikittay said...

I went to the GGGS and bought your bear cookies (I found the cookie cutter from Japan and had to buy it). I just found your blogspot, but your bookmark that had your blog addie is wrong-
( I had to google your link and found it to be I just thought you'd like to know, just so you can inform others of your blog, and have them find it.

Also, Im glad your bakesale money went to a good cause. Thanks for showing me what you can make with cute rice/bread cutters!

Anonymous said...

Yo Jen - oops, looks like i missed the GGGS year? Just love your blog, Cuz. And I honour you for all the charitable work you are doing (It's me, Anita!).