Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Trivet, Modernized.

This Saturday morning, the market and surrounding shops in Menton were eerily quiet and it wasn't just because of the stormy weather which usually keeps the natives cowering indoors.  

Everyone in town was crowded between the seaside and the pretty covered food market to take part in the ceremony to inaugurate the brand new Jean Cocteau Museum.

I dislike crowds so I saw this as a rare opportunity to visit a few of my favourite shops that are normally jam packed and impenetrable on Saturdays.  

One of these is Geneviève Lethu, a high-end French kitchenware shop that always has interesting table ware, bake ware and beautiful Christmas decorations.  I never leave there empty handed even though I usually go there not really needing anything.

This morning was no exception and I found something fun, new, modern and practical:   a trivet, or more accurately, a trivet kit called Craggles by Swiss company, Zak! Designs.
Enclosed in a little watch case about 3" wide, are 8 little white objects that look like bloated jacks. In fact, they are made of silicon, and each of them can support a weight of up to 1 kg and are safe up to a temperature of 220°C.

How chic and clever is that?  They take up practically no space at all, look great on the table, and can be used to reliably support any shape pot or pan.

I thought it fitting that I would find them on the same day that a unique, modern museum opened:  two old ideas, both with a beautiful new twist. 

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Hannah said...

How clever! I must say, I never gave much thought to the humble trivet, but now mine seems terribly outdated. This would make a great holiday gift, too.