Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Busy Bees

Our peach tree in bloom
If I were a bee in the south of France these days, I'd be exhausted.  

Absolutely everything is in bloom:  cherries, peaches, lemons, oranges, limes.  And those are just the fruit trees!

Everywhere you go it's like walking through the perfume department  in Saks Fifth Avenue only it's the trees proffering their scents instead of those pretty, smiling ladies.  If you have allergies you're in big trouble.

Our lime tree is covered in blooms and buzzing bees which means that 10 months from now,  we'll have a good supply of juicy limes for New Year's gin and tonics. 
Baby figs
This year we're happy that  the blood orange tree that we rescued years ago is  fully recovered and carpeted in flowers too.

It's an inspiring time of year, full of hope, renewal and good things to come.

Hooray for spring!



Lost in Provence said...

Hooray for spring indeed! And such beautiful photos to celebrate with. :)

I thought of you--Remi and I are in the Var this week and walked along the beach near Bormes les Mimosas--the light here is just insane!!! Lucky you to have such beauty at hand.

Gustia said...

Thank you! I think we're both quite lucky. I saw your video and it reminded me a bit of Canada's west coast. Calm, private, contemplative...