Sunday, 2 December 2012

Green@Red & White. Monaco's Vegetarian Supper Club

Like Silly Putty, Post-It Notes and the microwave oven, Monaco's only Vegetarian Supper Club was created by accident.  

It all started when one of my BFFs (Best Foodie Friends) Ayako, was telling me about her friend Angie who started Once Upon a Table, a very successful Hong Kong based Supper Club.  During the same conversation we were once again lamenting the lack of decent vegetarian food in Monaco's restaurants. I must admit that it's one of our culinary pet peeves, right up there with indifferent, lazy waiters.

The conversation continued, the two ideas collided, et voila!  Monaco's first and only Vegetarian Supper Club was born.  Together with my other BFF, Mariko, we named it, "Green@Red & White."  Green, in honour of the noble vegetable and red and white being the colours of Monaco's flag.

For our first dinner, the three of us cooked Autumn themed dishes with local French and Italian ingredients.  Eight or nine hours just flew by while we laughed, ate, shared ideas, and pinned down our concept for The Club.

Mariko, Ayako and I are the only three members so far but who knows how many other passionate, skilled vegetarian cooks there are living secretly amongst us in Monaco?

Here's the link to our facebook page if you'd like to follow us.

Maybe through The Club we'll inspire some of Monaco's restaurateurs to be at one with the veg.  At long last!
Autumn Harvest
Supper Club Menu

focaccia with rosemary, sage and home made, extra virgin olive oil
porcini filled spring rolls
tortellini with porcini and lemon thyme
scrambled eggs with fresh white truffle
salad of mache, Gilbert's freshly cracked walnuts and Bleu le Royal cheese
pumpkin pie
chocolates by joël durand
fresh mint tea
Focaccia with rosemary, sage, and our home made olive oil
Preparing the porcini for the tortellini

Mise en place for the tortellini

Porcini spring rolls
Fresh white truffle under the cloche.  Porcini watches from the plate


The fruit course

Chocolates from Joël Durand

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