Monday, 11 July 2011

Cheap Chic for your Table

I don't know about you but I'm always on the look out for neat things to decorate my table when I entertain.  If I get a bargain in the process, all the better!

In the past few years, woven vinyl place mats are all the rage and here is my hot tip for getting them at a fraction of the price and all you need is a few bucks and a pair of scissors.

In Ottawa, Fabricland and Rockland Textiles are stocked with rolls of plastic caning material for outdoor loungers.  It's the same material that companies like Chilewich use to make place mats and table runners and the nice thing is that you can by it in widths of 60" (1.5m) so you can cover an entire table or cut it to any shape you wish.

I stumbled upon this find while I was looking for a fabric that I could use to texture fondant for covering a cake.  Now I own 4 chic place mats.  Total price:  $5.00.  Same place mats in a cookware store: $48.00.  

You just never know where those errands may lead you...

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