Thursday, 13 October 2011

Operation "Voulez-Vous a Pumpkin Pie?"

Even though I'm Canadian, I feel for the Americans who live here in Monaco, about 300 in total, who don't bake and can't find a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  Quite sad really.

Pumpkin pie is completely unknown here and generally viewed by the French with anything from suspicion to curiosity depending to whom you are describing it.  They don't know what they're missing!

Well something had to be done so this year I'm putting my oven where my mouth is and I'm offering to make pumpkin pies for anyone who wants one, well, any 20 people at least.  I have launched, operation ""Voulez-Vous a Pumpkin Pie?", whereby for a 50 donation, you can have a pumpkin pie, lovingly made by me, delivered to you in a pretty box on November 24.  For 5 more, you can have real whipped cream too.

All of the proceeds from operation ""Voulez-Vous a Pumpkin Pie?" will go towards either Monaco Aide et Presence or the Nepal Youth Foundation, just like the proceeds from the cakes I make through my charitable bakery,  Cakes for a Cause.  If you'd like to order a pie, just click on the small pie on the top right of the page for more information.

I'm really looking forward to firing up the oven, savouring the heady aroma when I grind the spices and of course having my house smell like pumpkin pie for a few days.
Hopefully all 20 pies will be scooped up.  Well, maybe 19.  That way I can keep one for myself.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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