Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Eating in the Car

I don't know about you but when I was a kid, eating on the car was strictly verboten.  Even in the summer when my dad brought us to the Dairy Queen for ice cream cones we had to sit at a picnic table in the parking lot, our sticky hands and faces a safe distance from the car.

Fast forward 20 years to when hubby and I started dating.  I got conditional permission to eat McIntosh apples in the fall in his sports car while we toodled around town but in the spring, this permission was rescinded along with a stern lecture, when he discovered one of my apple cores had overwintered under the passenger seat.  Oops.

To make up for such a strict upbringing, I've been known to eat all kinds of stuff in the car as an adult.  My favourite is strawberries from road side stands and I'm very careful to never leave a mess except what drips occasionally on my own clothing.

On a recent trip to the town of Antibes, just down the coast from Monaco, I bought a kilo of peas and I decided to make the best use of my time so I shelled them in the car while we were zipping home on the highway.  How's that for multi tasking?  Preparing dinner and snacking on strawberries at the same time!

When we arrived home, I had a full half kilo of shelled peas, less losses due to sampling of course.    I think my dad would approve.

Oh, and I checked under the seats just to be sure I didn't drop any.


Heather Robinson said...

No eating in the car for me either when I was growing up save for twice a year when we would take COLOSSAL road trips--then it was allowed. But only at breakfast.

PS. I am now getting up from my computer to go get a strawberry.
PPS. Not to be too nosy but by the looks of those controls your husband has a right to be protective of his car!

Hannah said...

Oh yes, same here. The potential for making a mess in the car was simply too great for us kids, so we never had food while in transit. I love the idea of shell/snacking on peas while someone else drives though... What a great way to utilize otherwise wasted time! And not too messy at all- Certainly not crumbly, melty, or flaky, at least.

Gustia said...

Don't tell him that. Hey, wait a minute! whose side are you on?

Anonymous said...
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