Thursday, 1 September 2011

Two New Favourite Vintage Finds

I've always been a fan of vintage '50s tableware, serving pieces and linens and my cupboards are full of treasured reminders of the good old days.  Maybe a bit too full.

I never lived through the '50s but that decade somehow seemed simpler and happier perhaps because almost everything was available in comforting colours like turquoise and pink.

During two recent day trips I unearthed two vintage finds.  The first is an original aluminum colander in perfect condition for $4 from the Almonte Antiques Market. If you're into vintage, I think the charms of the colander are obvious, particularly at $4. The other find is a great retro kitchen timer from Dulton for $22.50. 
I bought the timer from a vendor at the Covent Garden Market in London, Ontario and when I spotted it I bolted straight over to the display.  I'm not sure why no one came up with it before, it's so practical.  It's actually 2 timers in one, one on each side,  so you can time two things at once or set a warning bell on the first timer before the second timer rings.  The most difficult part was deciding which colour to buy.  It's available in blue, pink, olive, cream, red, and lime green.  Decisions decisions!

Any cool vintage pieces in your cupboard?


Anonymous said...


I'm still using Aunt Tula's collander - the same as the one you showed. Why? Because most of the new ones are set too low to the sink and the water doesn't drain out properly. So ridiculous.

love from your cousin Anonymous Anita

Gustia said...

I agree! I also like that the handles are riveted onto the bowl. Now that's sturdy! xo, Jenny

Anonymous said...

The timer is great. I've always loved ingenious mechanical devices. The display looks like an army of martians! Patty

Gustia said...

Klaatu barada nikto Ring, ring!! Your cookies are ready!