Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jelly Moulds off the Beaten Path

Yesterday was my last Sunday in Canada before I crossed the pond to head back to the south of France to snuggle into our seaside shack for the winter.  

So with time nipping at my heels, my fab friend Sean and I planned a last hurrah visit to one of our favourite flea markets, McHaffie's, about a 45 minute drive from Ottawa.  Little did we know that the real find for me was just a few kilometres away.

Driving back to Ottawa we spotted a small hand made "Garage Sale" sign on the side of a dirt road so of course we veered off the highway like ferrets to see what was up.

I'm glad we took the detour.  When we arrived at the sale we found the driveway sprinkled with moulds and bake ware. There were so many to choose from that the vendors encouraged us to take them all off their hands.  Very tempting, but cooler heads prevailed! 

I scooped up a modest 40 little jelly moulds for a mere 10¢ a piece.

I'll use them to make jellies and with enough butter and flour they'll be great for making pretty little cafe cakes.

You just never know what a little last minute detour may bring.

1 comment:

Karen Barnaby said...

I would have bought them all and made a chandelier. :)